Kyle Ashley

Advocate for Safe Streets

Host of #StateOfTheLaneTO

LGBTQ/Anti-Bullying Activist

You might know me as:

A Safe Street Advocate

During my tenure with the Toronto Police Service, I discovered my life's true passion: making our streets safe for those who are 8, those who are 80, and those in between. We need to plan, and build today - the roads we want for the future. I have travelled around Canada and taught communities what I have learned, and what can be applied on their streets.

Your Former ParkingPal

In the summer of 2017, the #BikeTO had a viral sensation - ParkingPal. I exploded onto the scene as a parking enforcement officer who became the first ever, internationally, to utilize social media in this capacity to shame corporate offenders into respecting the bike lanes, and promoting safety. In July 2018, I resigned from the Toronto Police Service to focus on community building, and road safety advocacy.

An LGBTQ and Anti-Bullying Activist

I am an openly proud gay man, who is engaged to a wonderful partner. I have always been an advocate for the marginalized. I have been involved with a number of organizations that advocate for LGBTQ rights in the workplace, including the National Gay Pilots Association and the Toronto Police Service's LGBTQ ISN. I have also participated in the International Day of Pink anti-bullying initiatives since 2015.

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